Some common mismarks in Labradors

I collect pictures of Lab mismarks. These are some I have seen or have been sent photos of over the years. All these dogs are purebred Labs and no there is no paint or ink on these dogs.

A good link for learning more about color genetics in Labs. Lab color genetics

Black & Tan

This is a Chocolate & Tan (look at the front legs)

This is a family portrait. The dog on the far left is the father of the dog on the far right. The dog on the left and the dog in the middle have the same sire. Both of these dogs have tan points.

Another adult Black & Tan.

This is called a "Bolo spot". Its named after CH. Banchory Bolo one of the early Labs who had these spots. Bolo spots are found on the back of the leg above the pad.

White patch on chest (very common)

This is a Brindle

These are examples of "mosiac" coloring.

This is the black spotted puppy I produced 3 years ago.

Here is Boomer who has the grey factor.

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